New edition available!! 

ECHO...From a Sonographer's Perspective


(8 is not approved for CME credits, but I am working on it!)

What's the difference between 7 & 8?

ECHO...From a Sonographer's Perspective


  • ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 & THE WORKBOOK 7 are approved for 26 SDMS CME credits (current deadline 5/8/2023).  Enjoyable, well organized, self-instructional activity packed with updated information and tons of images/diagrams primarily focused on adult echo (and some pediatric echo).  Sonographer, nurse, or physician can work on CME credits at their own pace (~ 26 hours), at home or work, with no travel or conference expenses!

  • ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK & THE WORKBOOK are used as required textbooks in many diagnostic medical sonography programs, cardiovascular technology programs, and on the job training echo programs.  They also work great as a daily reference in the echo lab!

  • ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK is the primary text and has 20 chapters with clear objectives, a user-friendly format full of images & diagrams, updated ASE/AHA guidelines & recommendations, and detailed summaries at the end of each chapter.  Please review excerpts and a basic Table of Contents.

  • ECHO...THE WORKBOOK challenges the participant with 1000+ multiple choice, matching, and true/false questions that improve retention of the material in THE NOTEBOOK, help prepare for the RDCS/RCS exams, and serve as the open book post-test for the CME activity (if applying). 

  • ECHO...THE WORKBOOK (Instructor Edition) is only available to instructors who require ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK & THE WORKBOOK as student textbooks; please contact for details.  

ECHO...From a Sonographer's Perspective


  • Only available to schools/programs.  
  • If interested, contact, please include your title, credentials, school/facility name, and school mailing address.
  • ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 8 PP is a great teaching tool, easy to use, and comes on a thumb drive.
  • 500+ colorful slides broken down into 21 chapters with ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 8 objectives, a slimmed down outline, every image & diagram, and 600+ interactive pop quiz questions with hidden answers (excerpts).
  • An instructor package is available that includes ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 8 PowerPoint, ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 8, & ECHO...THE WORKBOOK 8 (Instructor Edition).